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If you are looking for a discounted rate on specific software applications such as Quickbooks, Adobe or Microsoft Office, please send an email to I have access to wholesale prices on fully-licensed software packages (these are not OEM versions or pirated versions). At the present time, the software inventory is not posted here because the wholesale lots move so quickly and it's hard to keep up. Just let me know what you want and I will pull a list of available products and prices for you. -- Deborah



Crack open your software for tax season - Intuit Canada's tax accounting software - Column
Retail resellers looking for financial software for consumers won't find a better line of products than those offered by Intuit Canada. The 1999 editions ...

Office Tax Accounting Software
We help you find the best info on the biggest selection of Office Tax Accounting Software products from all of the top-rated resources. Check our selected choice of Office Tax Accounting Software guides; Office Tax Accounting Software ... Office Tax Accounting Software. Monday ; August 15 2005 ...

Tax Software for Accounting Professionals - ProSeries
Tax & Accounting software; solutions & tools designed to streamline the tax season. Over 60;000 professionals rely on ProSeries suite of professional tax preparation software.

Richard J. Beason CPA; PC
small accounting firm with technology services division for computer hardware and software sales and support. Virginia - Roanoke - Financial Services

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... CPAs generally approve of the tax accounting software which they utilize and do not switch brands as readily as they did ...

Accounting - accounting income tax
Accounting - accounting income tax online; accounting tax services; accounting morgans tax resources; buy tax accounting software; business tax accounting ... Hill firm offering tax; accounting; business consulting; and notary services. tax accounting software. Car Insurance ...

00-5196 -- Tax Accounting Software Corp. V. U.S. -- 08/30/2002
... could be considered a revolutionary discovery in the scientific sense." Tax & Accounting Software Corp ... improper reading without any support;" Tax & Accounting Software Corp.; 111 F ...