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If you are about to purchase a franchise, it is highly recommended that you visit with an attorney. You can submit a free query with LegalMatch. Simply submit your " case" or question (anonymously if you wish) and LegalMatch will find pre-screened business lawyers in your local area. You can choose one of the lawyers who responds, or decide not to get an attorney -- it's all up to you.


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10 danger signs to look for when buying a franchise: no-risk guarantees; customers' complaints and tough termination terms are just a few things to watch
Franchising opportunities can be lucrative for ambitious entrepreneurs; but they require careful planning and investigation. All franchises have risks and track records. Knowledge of these factors wil

Buying a Franchise Takes Careful Study; Commitment - Brief Article
TODD Blanchard; 35; of Shreveport; La.; was earning more than $100;000 a year as vice president of operations for a trucking academy; but he thought ...

Investigate: become an expert before you buy - buying a franchise - Franchise Gold 100
Persons who are considering buying a franchise should do careful research before making a decision. Important steps in the process include a self-analysis; ...

No Whammies! No Whammies! Winning $10;000 on a game show is a good cure for cold feet about buying a franchise - Franchise 500® - Brief Article
No Whammies! No Whammies! Winning $10;000 on a game show is a good cure for cold feet about buying a franchise. (Franchise 500[R]).

What it means to do your homework - buying a franchise
What It Means To Do Your Homework For Shirley Mielke; of Sunnyside; Wash.; what started out as an errand to buy a pair of tights last year became a franchise-buying excursion. Mielke; who says she

No experience required - includes related articles - risks and advantages of buying a franchise
Franchising can prove to be a healthy financial investment if the right approach and the right franchise program are used. However; franchising also poses ...

Buying a franchise: a worthy investment - column
For an extended period mergers and acquisitions have precoccupied the business community. Interest is not limited to the largest corporate purchases ...

Know the score: ten questions you should ask before buying a franchise - The Franchise Gold 100
Ten questions you should ask before buying a franchise You probably wouldn't marry someone without getting to know the other person first. But many ...

10 golden rules to apply when buying a franchise - BE Spotlight on Startups: Franchise Opportunities
A franchise gives an owner a chance to be boss without having to start a business from the ground up. However franchises are hard work. Among the 10 tips ...

Buying a Franchise
... Prior to buying a franchise; potential franchisees should do the following ... list of things you should consider prior to buying a franchise; but if you work through these 10 steps ...